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Resolving to buy a new home this year? You’re not alone

If your plans for the New Year include a new home, you’re in good company, according to a Yahoo Real Estate poll released last month, which reports four out of five Americans polled say owning a home is still a big part of the American Dream.

Those poll results – which may be surprising to some – speak to how deeply engrained in our culture it is to own your own home. Beyond the feeling of pride there is in ownership and the feeling of being in control of your own space, people still recognize that home ownership is a very good long-term investment. Sure, we have had a difficult few years as an industry, but the statistics still show that owning your home for the long-term is a great way to grow your personal wealth. You can’t say that about renting.

And even as the housing market has dropped, J. Lawrence Homes has continued to see steady interest among a variety of buying demographics, including young couples, families and downsizers. Even in tough economic times, people are still getting married, having kids… or having their kids grow up and move out. And that means people still have needs for new homes to fit their lives.

But one thing that has changed in recent years is the kind of homes people are looking for.

First and foremost, today’s buyers want flexibility. Homebuyers don’t want to be pigeonholed with a home that is designed as a ‘starter’ home or a ‘downsizing’ home. They want a home that will evolve as their needs evolve, and so floor plans need to be very flexible. That first home for a young couple today needs to be able to accommodate a family in the future, and that empty-nester home may need to offer a place for an adult child returning to the nest, or provide space for hosting grandkids for the weekend.

Secondly, buyers are increasingly interest in eco-friendly features, both for reducing their carbon footprint and for reducing their energy bills.

In fact, buyers are often sold on a J. Lawrence Homes by all of the green features that are offered as standard in each home, including an 80-percent efficient furnace; double-paned windows; Tyvek® House Wrap; R-13 insulation in the walls and R-38 insulation in the attic; and designs that maximize the natural light. Over the past several years, we have greatly improved the energy efficiency of all our homes, and buyers are impressed with that.

Lastly, today’s buyers are making their own rules when it comes to financing. Savvy homebuyers have learned lessons from the housing fall-out and are not willing to let the lenders call the shots. Buyers today are very concerned with having a complete understanding of their lending options and want to be sure they are comfortable with the payments.

If you are planning a new-home purchase in 2012, John Wozniak, president of Wheaton-based J. Lawrence Homes, offers these three tips:

1.)   Look for floor plans with multi-function rooms, like great rooms, lofts, basements and gathering areas, like an eat-in kitchen. That will be key to having a home that will grow with you.

2.)   Ask your builder what green features and materials are standard in their homes. They should offer at least three to five eco-friendly features included in the base price.

3.)   Create a budget. Come to the table with your builder knowing how much you can afford each month and work from there. And don’t be afraid to tell your builder what you would like to afford, as builders like J. Lawrence Homes can often work with your to get exactly what you want.

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